IEEE OES Plastics in the Ocean Initiative

3rd Workshop
Brest 2019
Oceans 2019
Brest 2018

Initiative Meetings, Meeting Reports, Assessments

The IEEE/OES initiative on marine debris in collaboration with GEO Blue Planet organized a first workshop in December 2018 in Brest. The results of this workshop are summarized in Garello et al. (2019). Thoughts on the issue are also expressed by Rene Garello in the article published in May 28, 2019.

The Town Hall at the OCEANS 2019 conference in Seattle on October 29, 2019 also provided more relevant material for the workshop.

The second workshop was organized by the Initiative on December 16-18, 2020. The proceedings and outcomes of this workshop are summarized in the workshop summary report. Among others, the draft road map was further developed and a case study on “Reducing Plastics in the Ocean within a Growing Global Economy: Understanding the Information Needs to Support Interventions” was initiated.

It was anticipated to organize the third workshop in 2020 co-located with the 2020 UN Ocean Conference in late May/early June 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal. However, the pandemic required a change of plan. The 3rd Workshop had to be postponed and a decision on the form (in person or virtual), location (if in person) and dates of the workshop is pending.

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