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Global Platform - Best Practices Part II

Discussion on:

  1. What data and knowledge are needed? Best practices in gap analyses, identification and prioritizing of knowledge needs, including life cycle analyses and impact assessments;
  2. Co-creation of research agendas and knowledge: best practices in engaging with stakeholders, including participatory modeling;
  3. Co-usage of knowledge: best practices for the delivery of knowledge to decision and policy makers and for the engagement of scientists and researchers in policy making, including ethical considerations.

Program: September 24, 2020, 14:00-16:00 UTC

All times are in UTC.

1400 - 1600:Session 6b: Global Platform - Best Practices Part II
1400 - 1410:Hans-Peter Plag, All: Introduction to the Session and round of introduction.
1410 - 1420:Hans-Peter Plag: Gap analyses, prioritizing of knowledge needs: Some case studies.
1420 - 1445:Discussion: Towards best practices for gap analyses and knowledge need prioritization.
1445 - 1450:Hans-Peter Plag: Approaches to the co-creation of research agendas and knowledge.
1450 - 1520:Discussion: Towards best practices for engaging stakeholders in the creation of knowledge.
1520 - 1525:Hans-Peter Plag: Linking Knowledge to policies.
1525 - 1555:Discussion: Towards best practices for engaging scientists and researcher in the use of knowledge.
1555 - 1600:Dan Martin: Summary.

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