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Tutorial for the GEOSS User Rating and Reviewing Utility


The GSTSS Feedback and Rating Utility allows users to provide detailed ratings and reviews of GEOSS services and of data sets accessible through GEOSS. For each service and data set, the feedback provided by users is available through a graphical representation. It can be expected that the feedback is also used by the service and data providers to improve the services and data sets for users. A focus is on science and technology users.

Registering a Service or Datasets

Any service or dataset to be exposed to user rating and feedback needs to be registered in the feedback system. Requests for registrations are reviewed and normally added within two business days.

To register a service, it is necessary to send a request by e-mail to The e-mail should provide the introductiory text, a complete set of up to 12 questions, and a set of up to 12 rating criteria. The URL of the service is also required.

To register a dataset, a similar request has to be submitted by e-mail. Here, too, a description of the dataset, a set of up to 12 questions about the dataset and its use, and up to 12 rating criteria have to be provided together with the URL for access to the dataset.

Providing Ratings and Reviews

If you would like to provide feedback, please register and login. Your login information will only be used for statistical purposes and all feedback will remain annonymous. You can provide your feedback on individual components and services using the above menu. It is helpful for us to get generic information on you as a user, which you can provided here.

Access to the individual GCI components is through clicking on the GCI map below (to be available soon). For other services, see the list below.

Viewing Ratings and Reviews