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Give User Ratings and Reviews of GEOSS Services and Data Sets

GEO Web PageProvides general information on GEO, its components and activities, GEO-related meetings, documents, and achievements, and it gives access to a Newsletter.
GEO PortalIs the primary entry point to the GCI, and facilitates data discovery.
GEOSS ClearinghouseIs the primary clearinghouse for GEOSS.
feedbackDiscovery and Access Broker (DAB)Facilitates both discovery and access to data. See the YouTube video on GEOSS Discovery and Access Broker and Eye on Earth.
feedbackGEOSS Services and Components Registry (CSR)Collects information on services and components of the GEOSS.
feedbackGEOSS Standards and Interoperablity Agreements RegistryProvides access to relevant standards and interoperability agreements.
feedbackGEOSS Best Practices Wiki (BPW)Supports the development, and gives access to, best practice in the use of Earth observations for decision support.
GEOSS User Requirement Registry (URR)Allows for the publishing and analysis of user needs and related information.
GEOSS Science and Technology Service Suite (GSTSS)A service suite for the linkage between S&T communities and GEO.
feedbackContinuity Indicator DatabaseA prototype database for continuity indicators for GEOSS components.
UNEP-LiveTracking the State of the Environment (prototype, tbc).
UNAVCOServing the Earth Science community with geodesy.