Marine Litter: Solutions for a Cleaner Ocean
September 28-29, 2022, Brest, France

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September 28, 2022

09:00-10:30:Session 1 (Chair: Rene GARELLO): Identifying Priorities
09:00-09:10:Rene Garello and Hans-Peter Plag: Welcome: Place4Us and the Marine Debris Virtual Community Center
09:10-09:20:Rene Garello and Hans-Peter Plag: What are our main Priorities? Key messages on changes in decision landscape
09:20-09:30:Julien Chupin:
Groups of 2 persons:
a) exchange : name, country, function, mission/aim (I want to understand, I offer, I manage)
b) present their priority (prevention, reduction, citizen science) => why => opportunity/risk/ (quantify impact when possible)
Julien Chupin: The animator present the results of the online work (results of the vote on the priorities)
- participants can ask for clarification
- participants can suggests new priorities
- if necessary a new vote is organized to make priorities
- the top 3 priorities are presented to the plenary

Parallel work to draft framework, in a matrix, to organised the priorities for action:
- On prevention :
- On reduction :
- On citizen science :
- transversal
- Other
What are the solutions to promote?
Where we want to contribute (existing knowledge)?
Where do we want to investigate (create knowledge)?
10:10-10:30:Rene Garello and Hans-Peter Plag: Present specific changes in decision landscape related to the priorities
10:30-10:45:Morning Break
10:45-12:30:Session 2 (Chair: Unknown): What are Our Strenghts and what Future do we want?
10:45-12:30:Participants present the story of a project or solution they are proud of. This can be based on the priorities - or not - :
Groups turn individual stories into a collective summary of strengths and desired future

The focus is what the presenter is the most proud of.
A) Groups of 2: star interview:
  • Tell me about this project, solution, moment in your life, where you felt deeply engaged?
  • Which talents or strengths did you use during this experience?
  • What are you the most proud of? What make this experience so unique? How did you feel?
  • What are you wishes for the future

B) Groups of 6: the group story:
Each group summarise/create a story that represent the 6 individuals stories
  • Note all the strengths
  • Write a title

C) The same groups: wishes for the future (3 years to no limit)
  • Represent the desired future (metaphore)
12:30-14:00:Lunch Break
14:00-16:00:Session 3 (Chair: Unknown): What do we want to do? Part 1: Group Work
14:00-16:00:Write action document on priority actions
Recap morning: Decision landscape change, priorities, groups strengths and desired future

List required actions to make the future happen and address the 3 priorities
  1. individual ideas on post it (up to 3 ideas per person):
  2. present ideas in plenary : participants post idea on the framework:

    • On prevention :
    • On reduction :
    • On citizen science :
    • transversal
    • Other

    What are the solutions to promote?
    Where we want to contribute (existing knowledge)?
    Where do we want to investigate (create knowledge)?

  3. vote for top 10 ideas
  4. Write an 'action document' on top 10 ideas (groups of 6)
16:00-16:15:Afternoon Break
16:15-17:30:Session 4 (Chair: Rene GARELLO): What do we want to do? - Part 2: Group Reports
16:15 - 16:20:Group 1 Report
16:20 - 16:25:Group 2 Report
16:25 - 16:30:Group 3 Report
16:30 - 16:35:Group 4 Report
16:35 - 16:40:Group 5 Report
16:40 - 16:45:Group 6 Report
16:45 - 16:50:Group 7 Report
16:50 - 17:30:Discussion

September 29, 2022

09:00-10:30:Session 5: Summary of Day 1 and Clarifications
09:00-09:15:Hans-Peter Plag: Recap of Day 1
09:15-09:45:Julien Chupin: Vote for top 3 to 5 actions
09:45-10:30:Organizing Committee: Questions to clarify the action documents
10:30-10:45:Morning Break
10:45-12:45:Session 6 (Chair: Unknown): Parallel Group Work on Road Map, Workshop Statement, and Communication Plan
10:45-12:45:Three groups will work in parallel:
  1. What is the consortium road map?: three sub-groups work on the action plan for the next six months:
    • Ordering
    • Responsibilities : lead, contributors
    • Budget (existing, to be found)
  2. What is our statement?: One group works on the statement that recap the 2 days:
    • deliverables
    • Priorities to be addressed
    • Vision(s) of the future
    • A road map with priority actions & (action plans)
    • Our strengths to make it happen
  3. Communication plan: One group works on reviewing the stakeholder mapping and developing a communication plan
12:45-13:30:Lunch Break
13:30-15:15:Session 7 (Chair: Unknown): Continuation of Parallel Group Work on Road Map, Workshop Statement, and Communication Plan
13:30-15:15:See Session 6 for description of this session.
15:15-15:30:Afternoon Break
15:30-17:00:Session 8 (Chair: Rene GARELLO): Workshop Summary, Evaluation and Conclusions
  1. Results of the 3 parallel sessions are put together, and participants provide feedback and ask for clarification as appropriate:
    • Rapporteur 1: action plans
    • Rapporteur 2: workshop statement
    • Rapporteur 3: communication plan and stakeholders to engage with
  2. Working in the Marine Debris VCC is discussed
  3. Next date and timing to gather (online/physical) is identified
16:30-16:45:Julien Chupin: Evaluation
16:45-17:00:Rene Garello and Hans-Peter Plag: Workshop Conclusion