Marine Litter: Solutions for a Cleaner Ocean
September 28-29, 2022, Brest, France

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Registration is now open until September 28, 2022. The workshop is open to all but registration is compulsory. When you register, please indicate if you will attend in-person or online by September 1, 2022. All registered participants will be sent the Zoom link by email in advance of the workshop.

To register for this workshop, please sign up for the workspace using the link WORKSPACE. After signing up for this collaborative workspace, you will be able to login, populate your personal profile and register for the workshop. Signing up for the workshop worksape will give you also access to the workspace of the IEEE/OES "Plastic in the Ocean" Inititiative.

There will be no registration fee for this workshop. The meals (coffee breaks and lunch) will be provided during the workshop. Therefore, it is important for logistical reasons to get an accurate count of in-person participation.

Contributions to the workshop

Note that this workshop is for the most parts a participatory workshop and active contribution from all participants is expected. Most of the few presentations will be invited keynotes. There is limited space for additional oral presentations. If you want to propose a presentation, please submit a title and abstract on the workshop contribution page. Then the organizers will decided whether the paper can be included in the program.

Note that all workshop participants will be asked to prepare a very brief personal presentation for the initial Session. See in the Workspace for details.

If you are signed up for the workshop, you can participate in all on-line conversations in the workshop before and during the Workspace.


The workshop will take place at the Pôle Numérique Brest Iroise (PNBI). The address is 305 Avenue Alexis de Rochon, 29280 Plouzané, France. For more information, see

Travel Logistics

You can find a lot of information on Brest and around (english is possible) at


There are many suitable hotels in the center of Brest. Most on-line booking services provide for easy booking opportunties for these hotels.

Below is a list of recommended hotels. Booking one of these hotels will give the opportunity to share taxis to the workshop venue with other participants.


Lunch on the two days will be complementary. On September 28, 2022, workshop participants can participate in the Dinner of the @Sea Tech Week®. The cost for this dinner will be covered by the Workshop organizers.