Linking Data to Actions on Marine Debris for the Ocean Decade
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Announcement: Workshop Postponed

The workshop has been postponed due to the current pandemic. A series of virtual working sessions is currently organized to continue work on the road map and the case study agreed upon during the December 2020 workshop. For more information, please contact hpplag at

Marine debris constitute a global chatastrophic risk. Decision and policy makers are in urgent need of reliable indicators providing sound evidence for risk assessments and planning of actions in support of mitigating the threat.


Day 1

0900 - 1030:Session 1: Collaborating across Sectors, Disciplines, and Scales
1040 - 1100:Coffee/Tea Break
1100 - 1230:Session 2: The Case Study “Reducing Plastics in the Ocean within a Growing Global Economy: Understanding the Information Needs to Support Interventions”
1230 - 1400:Lunch Break
1400 - 1530:Session 3: Participatory Modelling as Part of the Case Study
1530 - 1600:Coffee Break
1600 - 1730:Session 4: Participatory Effort on Information Needs
1900 - 2100:Workshop Dinner

Day 2

0900 - 1040:Session 5: Listening Session: Stakeholders and Their Knowledge Needs
1040 - 1100:Coffee Break
1100 - 1230:Session 6: Linking Data and Knowledge to Actions
1230 - 1400:Lunch Break
1400 - 1530:Session 7: The Role of GEO and GEO Blue Planet in Facilitating Observations
1530 - 1600:Coffee Break
1600 - 1730:Session 8: Progressing the Roadmap

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