GSTSS Meeting Portal


About GSTSS Meeting Portal

The GSTSS Meeting Portal provides information on GEO and GEOSS-releated events at major science and technology meetings. It provides tools and a workspace to coordinate and document GEO and GEOSS outreach activities and it allows users to search the database. Those who organize these activities can publish events, organizations, and documents. By linking pairs of entries, GEO-related presentations, sessions, town hall meeting, workshops, and other events co-located with, or part of major S&T meetings, the interconnectivity of the GEO outreach activities and the S&T meetings can be captured. Linking documents, such as presentations, reports, and other output documents to events allows for a comprehensive documentation of these outreach activities in one place accessible to both, the GEO community and the broader public.

A redesign of the meeting portal is in progress. The V1.0 version is available here.


List of GEOSS Science and Technology Workshops :