ENEON Workshop
October 12-13, 2016, Laxenburg, Austria

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Building a collaborative ENEON to inform policies and actions to address complex societal issues: Many in situ networks in Europe collect valuable Earth observations, and European institutions are involved in numerous global networks. A lack of cross-domain collaboration and coordination the interaction between Earth observation communities and policy and decision makers hinders a full exploitation of the integrated observations for societal applications. ENEON aims to develop coordination and collaboration between networks, the processing, and the generation and dissemination of products to better serve the growing societal needs for environmental intelligence.


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

0830 - 0930:Registration
0930 - 1030:Session 1: ConnectinGEO and ENEON: Introduction and Achievements (Chairs: Ian McCallum, IIASA)
0930 - 0945Michael. Obersteiner (IIASA): GEOSS and in situ data (presentation)
0945 - 1000Joan Maso (CREAF): The ConnectinGEO Project
1000 - 1020Ian McCallum (IIASA): ENEON Introduction (presentation)
1020 - 1035Ivette Serral (CREAF): Mapping the Network Landscape (presentation)
1035 - 1050Lionel Menard (ARMINES): Meta network in solar energy: A contribution to ENEON (presentation)
1050 - 1110:Coffee Break
1110 - 1240:Session 2: ENEON in Support of European Policy Making and Implementation (Chair: Joan Maso, CREAF)
1110 - 1135Michel Schouppe (EC): ENEON from a European Commission perspective (presentation)
1115 - 1140Henrik Steen Anderson (EEA): Copernicus in situ Component - Overall Coordination (presentation)
1130 - 1150Cristina Guerreiro (European Topic Centre for Air Pollution and Climate Change Mitigation (ETC/ACM) and NILU): Use of in-situ data for air quality assessment - The future of AQ monitoring for forecasting and policy support (presentation)
1150 - 1215All: Discussion
1215 - 1350:Lunch
1350 - 1500:Session 3 ENEON support to GEO activities: a European Contribution to the GEO Work Programme (Chair: Jay Pearlman, IEEE)
1350 - 1410Giovanni Rum (GEOSec): GEO and ENEON (presentations)
1410 - 1430Christoph Häuser — (EUBON): EUBON: governance, data policy and in-situ data (presentation)
1430 - 1440Hans-Peter Plag (Tiwah): ENEON and GD-06 (presentation)
1440 - 1510Geoff Sawyer (EARSC): ENEON and the Industry Perspective (presentation)
1510 - 1540Stefano Nativi (CNR): Addressing Gaps in European Earth Observation Infrastructure, Services, and Knowledge: the GEO DAB possible contributions (presentation)
1540 - 1800:Session 4: The Future of ENEON (Chairs: Jay Pearlman)
1540 - 1600Martine de Maziere (GDACC): NDACC - Network Functioning and Governance
1600 - 1620:Coffee Break
1620 - 1635Ian McCallum: The Future of ENEON (presentation)
1635 - 1800All: Discussion: What is the niche of ENEON and how best to complement existing NoNs in Europe
1900 - 2100:Social Dinner in Vienna

Thursday, October 13, 2016

0830 - 0900:Registration
0900 - 1030:Session 5: The Future of ENEON (Chairs: Antonio Bombelli)
0900 - 0930Ari Asmi (U. Helsinki): Envriplus, research infrastructures and networks
0930 - 0945Discussion of recommendations from yesterday's discussion.
0945 - 1030Panel Discussion
1030 - 1100:Coffee Break - ENEON SUMMARY
1100 - 1230:Session 6: ENEON Business and Wrap-up (Chairs: Joan Maso, Ivette Serral, Ian McCallum)
1100 - 1230
  1. Migrating ENEON Social Network/virtual marketplace
  2. Relations to other initiatives
  3. Sustainability of ENEON - Considerations of a Pilot ENEON, inclusion into GEO as a NoN
  4. Funding Possibility: ERA-PLANET, NextGEOSS, COST Action, ERIC, ...
  5. Summary and resolutions
1230 - 1330:Lunch