IEEE OES Plastics in the Oceans Initiative

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The Road Map

The road map of the IEEE OES Plastics in the Ocean Initiative aims to organize the work of the Initiative towards the overarching goal of supporting society in efforts to tackle the challenge of ocean plastics through evidence and knowledge-based decision and policy making. The road map lays out goals that need to be reached in order to make progress towards a vision of an ocean with significantly reduced plastics and, more generally marine debris.

The road map includes six months, two years, and five years goals. These goals can be grouped under four main themes: (1) linking data and knowledge to actions and informing governance; (2) mitigation of plastics and reducing its presence; (3) observation and monitoring; (4) community building (Figure 1).

Figure 1: The structure of the goals and activities that were identified for the road map during the 2018 Workshop. Note that an interactive version of the figure is available in the workspace.

Long-Term Vision

During the 2019 Workshop in Brest, both the long-term vision and the goals for the next six months were considered in more detail. Four groups developed vision graphics and in a subsequent plenary discussion, one of those four was accepted as the guiding vision by the plenary (Figure 2). One of the graphics (upper left in Figure 2) emphasized the need for education that would lead to people in general “treating nature better.” A general change in the purpose of the mainstream economic system from solely focusing on creating human wealth to one that would meet our needs while safeguarding the Earth's life-support system was considered a core transition to address the challenge of plastic pollution. Such a change would improve the current situation characterized by “high pollution, little policies, and bad behaviour” to a more desirable situation of having “policies are in place and effective and behaviour has changed.”

Figure 2: Vision graphics produced at the 2019 Brest workshop. The graphics in the upper right corner was selected as the consensus one.

Figure 2: Detailed goals and activities identified for the first six months.

Figure 3: Detailed goals and activities identified for the first two years.

Figure 3: Detailed goals and activities identified for the five years.

Linking Data and Knowledge to Actions and Informing Governance

Mitigation of the Plastic Threat and Reducing its Presence

Observation and Monitoring

Community Building

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