Virtual Community Center

User Access


The Marine Debris Virtual Community Center (MD-VCC) is a virtual space that explores new ways for the public to improve literacy on marine debris and to learn about activities of governmental and non-governmental organizations to tackle the challenge of marine debris and to interact with these organizations.

The VCC Parts

In this VCC, you can:

  • Exhibition: Take a walk through the exhibition with information on the participating organizations and their activities. You may also take virtual tours organized by them.
  • Classroom: participate in courses that give you detailed knowledge and skills related to the activities of the participating organizations or your community.
  • Meet the Experts: participate in scheduled virtual meetings with experts in different areas and get to communicate with these experts.
  • Environmental Gym: exercise your knowlegde about your environment and the environmental science background and acquire new knowledge and skill in individual exercises.
  • Citizen Science: become a citizen scientists and participate in citizen science projects.
  • Chat Rooms: join chat rooms to talk about relevant issues.
  • Town Hall: participate in Town Hall meetings.
  • Newsroom: get local news and post news.
  • Events: hear about local events and annouce such events.

If you are representing a partner organization, you can get the privileges to set up a booth for your organization in the Exhibition. You may apply to be an editor who can initiate and moderate chats, run blogs and newspapers, and contribute exercises for the EnviGym. As a registered expert, you can make yourself available for meetings and consultations. As instructor, you can add courses to the class room and organize life lectures. As a researcher or certified citizen scientist, you are able to initiate and participate in citizen science projects. On request, you may receive privileges to organize twon hall meetings or contribute other events.